IZI-EVAL is an interface created to facilitate the mulicriteria sustainability assessment of innovative cropping systems (IZI for “easy” and EVAL for “evaluation”). It facilitates assessments based on models developed with the DEXi technology (Bohanec, 2008) by supplementing the existing features of the DEXi software.

This interface uses the code developped in DEXI Eval to evaluate alternatives in the DEXi software. For further information on DEXi Eval, please consult the DEXi website.
This interface was launched in 2011 by INRA and was programmed by Codelutin company from 2011 to 2013.

Using models developped with DEXi, IZI-EVAL allows: 

  • to convert calculated values into qualitative ones compatible with the DEXi software thanks to threshold values,
  • to supplement the range of graphic outputs offered by the DEXi software,
  • to conduct sensitivity analysis on imported DEXi trees,
  • to facilitate the communication of results by automatically formalizing most of the configuration related elements  
  • to easily go back to the DEXI software to use the features that are not available on the interface (e.g.: modification of the weight of a criterion)

To download the IZI-EVAL interface :  cliquez ici

Opening a file & presentation of basic features

For a brief description of basic features : Click here

Tabs presentation

When a file is opened, IZI-EVAL activates 7 tabs:

  • Model : Display of the DEXi model uploaded in the interface.
  • Threshold values: Choice of the threshold values allowing the conversion of quantitative values into qualitative values compatible with DEXi.
  • Options :  List of the model inputs that need to be filled in for each assessed system.
  • Evaluation : Presentation of the assessment results in the form of a list of attributes, obtained from the information supplied in the previous tabs.
  • Charts : Graphic comparison of the results of the different cropping systems assessed with the possibility to choose which criteria to display (bar graph, radar...
  • Synoptic chart: Graphic results of the whole assessment (all the criteria are shown with a colour coding according to their level of sustainability) for each cropping system.
  • Sensitivity analysis : Running of sensitivity analysis based on R scripts (warning: these analysis imply the installation of the R software and the indicated libraries)

Reference :

Bohanec, M., 2008. DEXi: Program for  multi-attribute decision making, User's manual, Version 3.03.  IJS  Report  DP-9989,  Jožef  Stefan  Institute,  Ljubljana.  Available  at: http://kt.ijs.si/MarkoBohanec/pub/DEXiManual30r.pdf

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