This tab provides workspace and commands to create a visual representation of each option for all its assessment criteria.  Furthermore, it is possible to display only part of the criteria by selecting specific branches of the tree.

Each option is considered one at a time and independantly (this tab therefore does not allow the direct comparison of options as the [graph] tab can. 

To create a synoptic graph
  1. Select (in the tree view displayed on the left side of the window) the attribute that we want to display (IZI-EVAL selects automatically all the branch (i.e. all the criteria below the selected criteria)
  2. The synoptic tree (or graph) is displayed in the right part of the window.
  3. The synoptic graph can be customized by clicking on the vertical tab called "configuration". Changing which option is displayed in the synoptic graph is possible via this vertical tab.

NB : It is possible to cancel the selection of a specific criteria and the criteria below by maintaining the CTRL key pressed while unselecting the unwanted criteria (basic or aggregated)


to export a synoptic graph :

To export, click on the icon "save as"  just above the synoptic graph window. Two export formats are available:

  • png format (Portable Network Graphics) : PNG is convenient to save synthetic images intended for web purposes. This format ensures a good readability of the text and of the colour coding.
  • svg format (scalable vector graphics) : svg is usable in particular by some web browsers allows to extend or reduce an image endlessly without losing its characteristics.

NB : These two formats are well supported by OpenOfice but not always suitable for other other equipment. To convert those formats in other formats, there are several solutions: 

1°) Open these images under an image processing software (e.g. Inkscape, GIMP...) or with Internet Explorer and save them in the wanted format.

2°) Use an online-converter of images (e.g.

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