This tab allows the user to view the main descriptive information concerning the DEXi model opened in the interface.

Both the structure and the configuration of the opened model cannot be modified in the interface. All these modifications must be directly done in the Model Page of the DEXi software which provides workspace and commands for editing the DEXi model: its structure, attributes, scales and utility functions.

Elements displayed in this tab :

1 - The DEXi tree.

2 - The name and a brief description of the selected attributes of the DEXi tree.

3 - The qualitative classes that the attribute can potentially take (e.g. low, medium, high)

4 - The assigned weights of the attributes below the selected agregated attribute.

Warning : the weights indicated here are the "required weights" (i.e. in DEXi these are the weights obtained by using the weight cursor) ; these weights can slightly differ from the real weights DEXi calculates based on the utility functions in the contingency tables ("current weights"). It is important to understand that 'Current' weights represent the closest possible match with your 'Required' weights and the rules already entered in the table. Model.jpg

Presentation of the three types of criteria used in decision trees

criterebasiques.pngBasic attributes (or « tree leaves ») : These attributes, located at the end of the decision tree branches, are the inputs variables of the model.

critereagrege.pngAggregated attributes (or « internal knots » of the tree) : These attributes, located above basic criteria, agregate step by step the information included in attributes below from which they depend until the final assessment attribute (the root criterion) that gives a synthetic judgement on the assessed option.

basiqueslies.png  « Linked » attributes: In the DEXi software, if two attributes have the same name and the same qualitative classes, they are automatically considered as "linked" which means they are treated as one unique attribute. This feature facilitates the data entry for each option by making the user give the value for each basic attribute only once. [Option].

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Presentation of the following tab [Threshold values] 

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