The concept of option in DEXi models

An option represents a cropping system to assess with the model uploaded in IZI-EVAL.The Option tab provides workspace and commands for editing option descriptions: option name and option values assigned to basic attributes (input data of the model).

To fill in an option

To fill in this tab, you have to:

1- click on the icon "add an option" and choose a name for your option.

2- click on the drop-down menus associated to each cell to fill in a value for each basic attribute of the decision tree.

(see the figure below to locate the numbers 1 and 2 associated with the two actions described)


Basic attributes can be filled in either with a qualitative value or with a quantitative value (measured or calculated). However, in order to fill it in directly with a quantitative value, the threshold values linked to the criterion must be filled in in the threshold values tab beforehand.

Besides, it is important to notice that the quantitative data cannot be saved under the .dexi format and will not display in the DEXi software. However, the saved options in DEXi will display in the IZI-EVAL interface. 

NB :

onglet izi eval.JPG This icon, located in the top right corner of the option tab (see figure below) activates a drop-down menu that allows to adapt the window size to the number of column (i.e. the number of options assessed).


To import options from another software (ex : CRITER®)

1°) Export from a calculator :

To create a macro or an export from a calculator, here is the import format of quantitative values compatible in the IZI-EVAL interface:

CSV format
coma separator ','
UTF-8 coding
No heading (i.e. no column titles)
Two columns: name of attribute, value
decimal separator '.'


The name of each attribute has to be exactly the same as the ones in the model to be imported in IZI-EVAL. However, the order of the attributes in the imported file doesn't matter. 

The interface allows the importation of all the quantitative values concerning the performance of one cropping system but it cannot yet import values of several cropping systems at the same time. 

2°) Import data from IZI-EVAL :

After clicking on "Import an option" and "browse" to find the file you want to import, don't forget to change the "file type" from *.mscenario to *.csv .

.mscenario is a specific format for the import of an option exported beforehand from IZI-EVAL interface.

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