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Using threshold values

Threshold values allows the conversion of quantitative calculated values into qualitative ones (e.g. "low", "medium", "high") in order to use them in the DEXi software. The choice of these threshold values enables the discrimination, for each indicator, of the assessed systems. Threshold values must be locally adapted :

  • To take into better account the pedo-climatic and socio-economic local context.
  • To incorporate the preferences of each user in terms of how they judge the quantitative values obtained.
  • To improve the ability of indicators to discriminate the assessed cropping systems, according to the diversity of performance obtained.

The choice of threshold values assigns a qualitative judgement on the cropping systems. It determines the value taken by the basic atrribute and therefore influences the overall result of the evaluation. Therefore, all retained threshold values should be clearly displayed during the presentation of results in the evaluation report. 

How to insert threshold values in this tab

A threshold value can be inserted only for the lines corresponding to a basic attribute that will be indicated by a quantitative values (calculated or measured). All the lines of this tab that will not be associated with threshold values will be directly filled in with qualitative values in the following tab [Option] tab.

The values entered have to follow the following format: symbol immediately followed by the numerical value .

The available symbols are : =, <, <=, >, >=.

Figure 1 : Example for the MASC model criterion profitability :


The column "unit of measurement" specifies the unit used for the threshold value (e.g. for profitability : €/ha/an). The information in this column is also found in the evaluation report and can be displayed if needed in the synoptic graph.

The small icon located in the top right corner of figure 1 activates a drop-down menu to adapt the size of the window to the number of columns.

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